No Tracking Absorbant Training Pads

Product No. P-5735-001

$10.99 - $55.99

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Easy solution for prevening wet dog paw tracking before they reach your carpet

NATURE’S MIRACLE™ No Tracking Absorbent Pads provide you with a unique training tool that is specifically engineered to keep your pet’s messes contained as well as prevent tracking throughout your home. Our pads feature quick-drying technology that whisks fluids away from the top of the pad to prevent your pet from tracking with wet paws after use. Nature’s Miracle No Tracking Absorbent Pads also feature odor control technology that locks in odors and a built-in “fresh grass scent” helps train dogs to associate the pads with eliminating outside. Our no tracking absorbent pad can hold up to 2 cups of fluid and multi-layer technology helps prevent seeping or dripping. Nature’s Miracle No Tracking Absorbent Pads are ideal for puppies and smaller breed dogs in instances of training, kenneling, or long periods of alone time.

  • Unfold pad and place on floor with plastic side down.
  • Make sure pad is placed away from the pet’s bedding and food and is easily accessible to the pet.
  • Place pet on the pad so that they can smell the grass scent.
  • When pet “goes” on pad, be sure to reward them for correct behavior.
  • If the pet has any accidents away from the pad, return them to the pad to discourage this kind of behavior.
  • Once pet is trained to wet on the pad indoors, gradually begin moving the pad towards the door and eventually outside to teach them to go outdoors.