Multi-Cat Automatic Litter Box

This automatic cat litter box is the perfect solution for homes with multiple cats.
Product No. NMA980


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Perfect automatic litter box for homes with multiple cats.

The NATURE’S MIRACLE™ Odor Control Litter System is a multi-cat, self-cleaning litter box that reduces the need for constant litter box cleaning and provides your cats with an always-fresh environment. Our unique design features a smart detection motion sensor that activates litter cleaning 20 minutes after use as well as a change indicator light that alerts you when the waste receptacle needs to be changed—providing maximum sanitation and cleanliness. Nature’s Miracle 3-in-1 odor control system works to automatically remove wet litter and waste to prevent odor buildup, features antimicrobial product protection that inhibits odors caused by bacteria, and includes a catch-all receptacle with a carbon filter to minimize the spread of your cats’ worst odors. Our multi-cat automatic litter box is larger—holding 30% more litter than our single-cat alternative— and features high side walls and a carpeted ramp to prevent litter scatter and tracking. Non-stick surfaces on the litter box and the removable rake and pan ensure easy cleaning and sanitation. Technological features include a sleep timer that delays raking for 9 hours, AA battery back-up, and the ability to activate a manual cycle when needed.

Download the Automatic Litter Box Manual.  


  • 28”L x 17.7”W x 9.8”H
  • Included in this box:
    • Litter Box
    • Four Catch-All Receptacles
    • 1 Scoop and Rake Cleaner
    • Four Charcoal Filters

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Daily Use:

Please see included instruction manual for complete instructions.

  • Remove AC adapter from packaging and plug into the AC adapter outlet at the back of the top housing. Plug cord into standard electrical outlet.
  • Turn ON/OFF switch to ON; the mode indicator light will turn on.
    • NOTE: The rake will automatically run through a cleaning cycle to smooth out litter.
  • For daily use, your cat enters the litter box. Once it leaves, the motion sensors will activate CLEANING cycle; (sensors must be blocked for at least 10 seconds to activate CLEANING cycle). 
    • IMPORTANT: Unit will not start CLEANING cycle while cat is in the box.
  • After 20 minutes, cleaning starts and the automatic rake moves forward and back to scoop waste clumps into the waste receptacle.
    • NOTE: If the cat reenters and leaves the litter box before the initial 20 minutes have past, the timer will automatically reset and delay the rake action for an additional 20 minutes.
    • NOTE: Rake will stop and reverse direction if the safety bar touches any object behind the rake as it cycles.
    • IMPORTANT:  If the rake encounters a blockage, it will attempt to complete its cleaning cycle 5 times. If unsuccessful the rake will return to the home position and the LED light will blink quickly to indicate FAULT mode (see TROUBLESHOOTING for more details).
  • If small litter particles remain in the litter tray after the rake has completed a cycle, you can use the scoop and rake cleaner to move these particles to the waste receptacle.
  • If clumps of litter become stuck to the rake, use the teeth on the scoop and rake cleaner to clean between the teeth on the rake.
  • The disposable waste receptacle will keep odors and waste trapped until you are ready to replace the receptacle. Once the receptacle is full, remove and replace as instructed in REMOVING THE WASTE RECEPTACLE.
  • Use only with Nature’s Miracle clumping litters.
  • Clumping litter is not intended for use with kittens under six months. If your kitten is under six months, always use litter formulated for kittens and leave your Nature’s Miracle litter box OFF until the kitten is the appropriate age.
  • Read all directions in included manual carefully prior to operating this product.